Gold Rush

NBEX Gold Rush: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NBEX Gold Rush?
The NBEX GOLD RUSH is a 50/50 lottery draw that takes place every week on Fridays at 12pm. After a participant signs up, they can choose how many weeks they would like to pay ($2 a week or pay for the future weeks in advance). To be considered for the 50/50 draw of the week, the participant must pay $2 for the current week because if their number is drawn but they haven’t paid for that week, they will not be eligible for the 50/50 prize.

How can I pay?
You can pay for your gold rush number(s) at any of our locations listed here that are scattered throughout Fredericton. If paying at one of these establishments, the participant has until Wednesday evening to pay as these boxes get emptied Thursday morning. You can also have until Thursday at 5pm to pay at our Office's box. Online payment is also an option as well as paying with VISA or MASTERCARD over the phone.

What payments do you accept?
We accept cash in our boxes, debit in our office, VISA, and MASTERCARD.

How can I remove myself from the NBEX 50/50 GOLD RUSH draw?
If you desire to remove your number from the NBEX GOLD RUSH, you must send an email to that lists your gold rush number and when you’d like it removed. Another option would be to come into the office and sign a slip to verify your removal.

Can I give someone else my number?

If you desire to be removed but want to give your number to someone else, the same process as listed above is required. You must come into the office and sign a waiver detailing what you desire or send an email with your gold rush number, your information and the information of whoever is taking over your number.

Can I have more than 1 number?
Yes! You may sign up for more than one GOLD RUSH number! You can either come into the office to fill out a slip or send an email to to sign up online!

How long do I have to pay each week?
You have until Wednesday evening to pay at any of our boxes outside of the office (!ticket-locations/c145a) or you can pay at the office until Thursday at 5pm. Online payments also should be in by 5pm on Thursday.

Why do I only have until Thursday at 5pm?
Due to the amount of individuals actively playing the GOLD RUSH each week, to ensure that everyone’s payment gets processed in time for the draw, we have chosen to cap off the payments at 5pm.

I’ve forgotten my number! Help!
If you have forgotten your GOLD RUSH number, you can either send an email detailing your name/information to or you can call the office during our hours.

Can you play in groups?
If you sign up with a group, then you all are put on the number, however, it must be agreed upon to split the winnings if the number is drawn.

I accidentally paid on someone else's number!
Unfortunately, if this happens we cannot verify this as the other person may have paid for the current week as well. Please be sure to put your own assigned number in the box. If you do not remember your number, you can come into the office during our hours or call us and we would be more than willing to help you!

How do I collect my winnings?
The winner of the NBEX GOLD RUSH Jackpot will be contacted shortly after 12:00 PM on Friday afternoon. We will provide the winner with information on when and where to pick up their cheque. If it happens that the winner is from out of town, alternate arrangements will be made.

Have a question that hasn't been answered? Send us an email or give our office a call during our hours! 🙂