Gold Rush

NBEX Gold Rush Rules and Regulations

  1. No one under the age of 19 may purchase tickets.
  2. When forms are collected from the Gold Rush boxes, the information from the form will be added to the registration list.
  3. A pre-printed tag will remain in the draw container indefinitely.
  4. The weekly winning number will be drawn from this draw container. You can join Gold Rush at any time.
  5. Only play one toonie per number, per week, at any of our Gold Rush box locations.
  6. You can play more than one number.
  7. For each number played, a separate form will need to be completed.
  8. Place a toonie in the box for each number you play.
  9. Please write your number exactly as shown due to numbers that are hard to identify such as 6 or 9.  Numbers with illegible hand writing will be viewed by two staff members and a final decision will be made.  This decision is irrevocable.  Please be sure to write legibly.
  10. All toonies from the Gold Rush boxes will be collected every Thursday, payments must be in by store closing on Wednesday to ensure eligibility for that week's draw.
  11. ALL payments for the Friday draw held at 12:00 pm must be in by 5:00 pm on THURSDAY. (The day before the draw, by 5:00 pm). Box locations must be in for each week's draw by store closing on that Wednesday, as boxes are picked up on Thursdays.
  12. The winning participant’s Gold Rush number, name and prize amount will be shown on the Gold Rush boxes, on our website, in our email, on signs,  posted to our social media accounts and other promotional mediums.
  13. All toonies collected will be recorded for that weekly draw from that location.
  14. The draw will be every Friday at 12 noon at the NBEX office unless the draw date falls on a holiday, such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, New Brunswick Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day. If the draw date falls on one of these days, the draw will take place the following business day or another suitable pre-approved date.
  15. Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email.
  16. A picture ID is required to collect your winnings. It must match your name and address.
  17. Winners agree to have a photograph of cheque presentation and releases all rights to said photograph for promotional purposes to NBEX Gold Rush and affiliates.
  18. If your number is drawn and you did not play that week, your half of the winning proceeds will be added to the following week’s draw.
  19. If you no longer wish to play, please contact or 458-8819 and you will be removed from the registration. You will need to fill out a removal form or send an email with the request.
  20. Once your registration is cancelled, your number may be reissued to another player.
  21. If a box is stolen or compromised on a draw week there would be no fair way to confirm if a player had played that week or not. Therefore, we would proceed that week as if it were a non-winner. All other funds collected that week would be carried forward to the next week’s total pot.
  22. When registering for additional numbers there is a $10 minimum payment required for each new number which buys 5 weeks of Gold Rush
  23. When registering for 5 or more numbers, the numbers cannot be withdrawn until 10  weeks after the registration.

 Updated September 1, 2020