Gold Rush

NBEX Gold Rush Rules and Regulations

1.  Players must be 19 or older to play Gold Rush.

2.  Players must be a resident of New Brunswick, Canada.

3.  Players can register online, in person at the NBEX Gold Rush office, by phone or at any of our retail locations.

4.  Information collected from registration forms are stored in our database.

5.  The Gold Rush number assigned at the time of registration will be the player’s permanent Gold Rush number.

6.  A pre-printed token will be placed in our Gold Rush drum and remain there permanently unless a written request to remove the number is received at the NBEX Gold Rush office.

7.  One numbered token will be drawn each week and identified as a “Winner” if the player has paid or a “Non-Winner” if the payer has not paid.  You must have paid your number to win. A Winner takes home half of that week’s jackpot.  A Non-Winner collects zero and that half of the jackpot rolls over to the following weeks draw.

8.  Players can have multiple Gold Rush numbers.

9.  You need to register for each number separately.

10.  Your permanent Gold Rush number(s) go into the drum once a completed registration form arrives in the office.

11.  All registered numbers will be in play each week regardless of whether the number is paid or unpaid.

12.  The cost for each draw is $2.00 per Gold Rush number.

13.  Players can pay in advance for up to 52 draws.

14.  When registering for additional numbers there is a $20 minimum payment required for each new number which buys 10 weeks of Gold Rush

15.  Players paying at our retail locations or 24/7 drop box must be careful to write legibly when writing the Gold Rush number on the sticker before applying it to payment.  If we cannot understand a player’s handwriting, the payment cannot be entered into our system. The number will be unpaid for that week.

16.  Please be sure to write legibly.  If the number can be viewed both ways, underline the bottom of the number. Example, 606 could be ready upside down as 909.  The same could be said for 1101 it could be read as 1011.

17.  Payments made at our retail locations in our Gold Rush boxes are collected every Thursday morning.  Payments must be in by store closing on Wednesday to ensure eligibility for that week’s draw.

18.  The draw closes every Thursday at 5:00 PM for Friday’s draw .Players can pay for their Gold Rush number(s) online, by etransfer, by phone, in our office and at our 24/7 drop box until that time.

19.  Customer’s payment information will not be saved

20.  We draw one number each week. It will be either a winner or non-winner. The name registered to the drawn Gold Rush  number and amount of jackpot will be used for promotional and advertising purposes including, but not limited to print, email, TV, radio, advertisements, social media, audio/visual/digital  at the discretion of the Gold Rush team.

21.  The draw will be every Friday at 12 noon at the NBEX office unless the draw date falls on a holiday. In the event of a holiday Friday, the date of the draw will be determined and posted to our Facebook page.

22.  Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email.

23.  Player’s do not need to be present or available by phone at the time of the draw to be a winner.  Every effort will be made to contact our Gold Rush winners. Winners have 90 days from the date of the draw to collect their winnings

24.  A picture ID is required to collect your winnings. It must match your name and address on file.

25.  Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided on the registration.

26.  It is each the players responsibility to update their registration information on their numbers with the Gold Rush office should it change.

27.  Winners agree to have a photograph of cheque presentation and releases all rights to said photograph for promotional and advertising purposes including, but not limited to print, email, TV, radio, advertisements, social media, audio/visual/digital at the discretion of the Gold Rush team for promotional purposes to NBEX Gold Rush and affiliates.

28.  If you no longer wish to play your Gold Rush number, you can remove it from our draw as long as 20 weeks have passed since the date of registration of said number. You will need to fill out a removal form or send an email with the request to

29.  Once your registration is cancelled/ removed, your number may be reissued to another player.

30.  If a box is stolen or compromised on a draw week there would be no fair way to confirm if a player had played that week or not. Therefore, we would proceed that week as if it were a non-winner. All other funds collected that week would roll over to the next week’s draw

31.  When a player of a Gold Rush number is deceased and their number is paid and drawn as a winner, the proceeds will be awarded to their estate.  Should a number be drawn and is registered to a player that is deceased and has not been paid we will redraw.


Last Edit January 24 2024